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training his lovers

A young black man savors becoming a third for a nervous young couple. Straight to bisexual, MMF, MM, and first-time swingers erotica.

 Sizzling Nights with Derek

 Steamy Nights with Derek

claiming the twink

Two straight friends who often share women share their first man, awakening their hidden desires. College roommates, friends, first-time bisexual, MMM, and MFM erotica.

He tops me

A college student pursues his crush, a grumpy friend of his father’s. Older man younger man, BDSM, MM,  and MMM erotica.

make me gay

A demanding girlfriend makes her shy boyfriend sleep with sexy men. Cuckold boyfriend, bisexual, interracial, older man, younger man, MMF, and MM erotica.

gay experiences

Three different stories of straight men finding gay love. A young man stumbles into a straight-to-gay affair with his best friend’s father (older man, younger man, first-time-gay, and MM erotica). A young man surprises himself by falling in love with his nudist next-door neighbor (straight-to-gay, MM, romantic erotica). After a young college student seeks revenge against his high school tormentor, his kinky plan transforms into a surprising gay affair (straight-to-gay, MM, BDSM, romantic erotica).

The straight roommate

A young college student discovers his fluid sexuality and learns he can love many people in many ways. First-time gay, MM, MMM, MMMM, and MFM erotica.

Our black neighbor

After a man makes a drunken confession to his beautiful wife, he hates – and loves – the way she fulfills his wish. Cuckold husband, MFM, MM, interracial erotica.

talk dirty

A young man falls for a foul-mouthed girl and learns he will do anything to keep her. Anything with anyone. MFM, MMF, and humorous erotica.

Corner store confessions

Young employers working the graveyard shirt share their stories about their most memorable one-night stands. MF, bisexual, interracial, taboo, MMF, and MFF erotica. 

what i Like

Short stories about people discovering their kinks and preferences. Older man younger woman, curvy black women, BDSM, and bisexual erotica.

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